Friday, September 11, 2015


It's been a tough day. A mixture of emotions flooded over me as I recalled what day it actually is. It's become so regular, so ordinary to hear people slanderize about 9/11. It's become so normal for the anniversary to come and go. 

I'm sure it's not the same for everyone. But a lot of sadness rushed over me. About the state of our great country. About the way we reacted initially to the attack, and how we still react to it today. 

I was in 5th grade when I awoke on a normal day just like any other. I remember waking up on my own, which wasn't usual, mom always came to rouse me. 

As I walked from my room through the house and down to moms room I heard her gasp, and dad trying to get ahold of my oldest brother Zak by phone, who had only two years before joined the U.S. Army. 

I turned to the TV and there it was.. The first tower a blaze. I didn't much understand at first but I was scared just the same. I stood there in shock as we watched the second plane hit... 




All of these emotions flooded my small childhood body. Unsure of what had actually happened. Mom said there had been an accident, although it wasn't, I'm sure she didn't know what better to say. 

In a moment like that what can you say....

What questions can you ask?

What am I seeing?

Who would do this?


What emotions should you feel?




I remember watching the news in school. It was far from a normal day at our small elementary school in a tiny Oregon town. What could we do BUT watch, as our country looked for justice and sought revenge almost instantly. 

The lives lost on that day are remembered in the hearts of our many citizens. They won't be forgotten. 

In the midst of all that was lost we looked to our leaders, and what did they give, but a call to mor death and sadness. 

Though we all have our theories as to what happened on that day, it matters not. That day that will forever live in infamy in all our hearts. 

I wish not to debate.. not to compare thoughts and opinions. I can simply search google and find every conspiracy theory known to man. Maybe one of them is true. Maybe none. 

On this day I wish to dedicate thoughts and prayers to the family members who are still grieving. 

I ask everyone of you to take a moment of silence to pray and remember the souls lost 14 years ago. 

I chose to be happy. To think of all those souls, happy. Peaceful and at rest, not vengeful. I chose happiness. For what I have and for the promise of what is to come. 

This is how we honor them. This is how their spirits will live on. How we can keep moving forward. How we live another day, as a legacy to those who are no longer. 

For those who can no longer, we shall carry them in our hearts. Praying and trusting in the possibility of a more peaceful tomorrow.