Friday, September 4, 2015


Transforming old jeans into my new floor decor. That's what I did this month folks. 

Ok, maybe it took me a little longer than a month...

So, my lastest time killer during kiddo nap times and other such down times. I made a rag rug from old blue jeans to fulfill a serious bathroom rug absence.  

I worked out my "homestead muscle" basically I chosing the longer, harder, but cheaper and more encironmentally friendly route. Recycling something we no longer needed and some seriously torn up pants. 

After watching a video blogger from one of my favorite YouTube channels, Julia Dreads, make a rag rug from old t-shirts I knew I could figure out something similar for my cold bathroom floor. I researched and found I didn't have the materials I needed for that sort of rug. What I did have was a surplus of denim. Plus I already had a chunky crochet hook on hand. Thus I began this bad boy.

This type of rug is normally made out of strips of old sheets, though I'm glad that all I had was denim. It's so us, Spencer and I love denim! 

Very durable. Easy to clean. Warm-ish...