Thursday, September 3, 2015


Just the other day I was reading an article from a fellow homestead blogger, Jill Winger, at The Prairie Homestead. When she mentioned she puts herbs in her hens nest boxes I was a little surprised. 

But then I imagined how I love to smell fresh herbs around me, and how nice some of the herbal essential oils were for me during labor. 

That must be similar to a chicken laying an egg right? 

Ahem.. So I figured, heck I have more mint than I know what to do with... Maybe Ill let the girls have a taste? I gathered it up during the early evening while they were still out scratching, and placed in the the boxes so they would have nice nests to come back to. 

I don't know about ya'll but my laying hens are divas. If their nests aren't properly clean and bedded, they just don't lay as well. They prefer a clean, good smelling environment for peak production, and I am happy to give them that. 

On a side note this was a great helping activity for my toddler. She loved picking the mint and taking it off to the coop. Trying to involve her in as much fun animal related chores as possible is really important at her age. She wants so badly to help, in times she can't, but this time she could and was proud of herself for doing so. Narrating herself all the while, and making mummy's heart happy. Involving her now while she's interested will only help later fuel her own feeling of responsibility for the farm animals. 

So I digress...

To say the least the mint was a hit with the girls. They absolutely loved it. I only wish I hadn't figured this out so late in the season so my girls could have enjoyed all my other herbs. But there will always be next year.  

Or this winter... While I experiment with growing indoors.. under light.. Or maybe some DIY green houses. Wouldn't it be great to incorporate auquapinics into the homestead? Talk about self sustainability people! Just food for thought of course.