Sunday, November 29, 2015

TURKEY CARCASS. The broth how-to's.

Warning: the tardiness of this post is only a depiction of how crazy busy our life has been pre-wedding. Please forgive our absence. 

It's not every year that I can get around to using our turkey carcass. But this year my crazy life allowed it. Don't get me wrong, I always try to cut down on food waste. But let's be honest, I'm no super-mom and sometimes things get thrown out. That was however not the case for the remnants of our bird. 

My real motive all along was to make some delicious homemade turkey stock. And so I did just that. 

Reeling from the piles of dishes to wash, for who else but moi, I threw in the cleaning towel. The next thing j threw wasn't the dirty dishes like you might be guessing, but rather the bones & all that was left from the pan. The entirety went into my crock pot.........

Adding garlic, dried onion, parsley and cold water over it all until the bones were submerged, I turned it on high and walked away.... Hence the favorite appliance tag. 

There you have it! I cooked it on high most of the day. Ive been told 4 hours is enough, but I've never been one to do just the bare minimum with just about anything. I have a little problem with going over board on being prepared. So I cooked it for a little over 24 hours. Yum!

The next day I picked out the bones, poured off the broth through a fine mesh strainer, and saved the little meat remnants for another meal. 

Out of the stock I made chicken and dumplings from scratch. Double yum! And yes I'll totally post that recipe soon. 

The turkey meat which boiled off the carcass was frozen to be saved for turkey chowder in the coming weeks. 

From just that one bird we not only had copious amounts of thanksgiving dinner leftovers but were also able to create two more meals. Talk about repurposing resources, and it's so easy!