Sunday, March 15, 2015


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Two days ago I did something I have been meaning to for 6 months. I visited a local dairy just a mile from my house, I know I'm super punctual with my personal priorities, all in due time I suppose...

Geez they're only a mile away! Score!

Hope Springs Dairy, located here in beautiful Tumalo, Oregon is a raw dairy providing herd shares for Jersey cow's milk and goat's milk. My main hesitation for not joining the herd share earlier stemmed from a fear that myself and my family wouldn't approve of the taste. My mind had made a judgement before I had even tried it. I have been meaning to change that and I finally did!!!

I thought it would be thick, and yellowish, or just a weird taste, would it be sour? My imagination ran wild.....

Let me tell you folks I don't think theres anything much better than a cold glass of raw cows milk. I was amazed, awe struck, speechless at the amazing taste and rich fullness the milk possesses. I wanted to immediately run outside to worship and thank the cows for their bountiful gift.

Once their last cow calves in a couple week we will be well on our way to a gallon fresh raw cows milk every week! I can't wait to try my hand at homemade butter!!! The benefits of raw milk are unending. Knowing exactly which cow our milk came from is an extreme increase in the security we feel about the safety and quality of our food. Buying locally, especially milk fulfills part of our wholesome homestead mission here in the High Desert. We look forward to all the possibilities this new change will bring our family. And all the creamy goodness in tow!

All this new wonderment I feel has just fueled my passion to own a dairy cow! I need a dairy cow! I will have a dairy cow one day. Morning and night milking, shiny to dirty milk pails, gallon jars filling the fridge, udder butter and all, I cannot wait until we have a chance at that goal. For now Ill be dreaming, praying, waiting, wishing on a star. A girl can still dream right???

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