Monday, March 30, 2015


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As a new blogger I think its time we had a little talk. In this environment misunderstandings are common and things can be easily misconstrued. I can hide behind my little computer screen as you hide behind yours. We're save from confrontation and hold the power to delete before reading. We have the know how to read and not respond, the right to agree or disagree, and to support virtually anything we want, here on this safe inter web that is.

Or is it really so safe? It may be easy for some bloggers to advertise or promote products to make money from your clicks, whether a worthy cause or not. Seeing as I did not enter the blogging world with the intention of monetizing my site I have no reason to advertise or convince you that the products I use are as awesome as I always say they are. I'll let you decide what you want about all the suggestions I make. Because they are just that, suggestions or recommendations even. Heck, you may think half what I say its total bologna! And that is okay, I promise, I won't take offense. 

With that said I want to make a promise to you, my readers, my family and friends, even those acquaintances who I would love to know better. I will not EVER post, write about, or claim to love products that I don't actually use on my homestead, daily or weekly, and literally love! I will NEVER lie to you, I will only show you what I do and what has been a success for me. I will NEVER EVER preach about a product that does not deserve the praise 100%. I simply want to educate and share my experience with ya'll, in a safe and positive way. I wish to encourage you to think outside the box and retrospect a little, back to the basics of a lifestyle forgotten. 

Now that I have that out of the way! I want to talk about a product that I DO deeply love. Castile soap... I'll say again...... Dr. Bronners Castile Soap!!! I've been using it exclusively for about 2 months now and I can honestly say I will never go back to regular shampoos or bath soaps. My hair is softer, stronger, fuller, and substantially less greasy. I don't absolutely have to wash my hair every day either. After having tried every brand of hair product out there my hair would still be greasy after just the first day. No more! Done are my days of spending ungodly amounts of money on hair products. With so many uses from shampoo and body wash to a safe non-toxic household cleaner, its safe to say Dr. Bronner new what was up! 

There are so many variations of this wonderful soap available through Amazon here. Specifically, this is the one I purchased! 32 ounces of goodness baby! Yes a little spendy, but I have used it for every shower. That's a shampoo and body wash. And every bath for Ireland, shampoo, body wash, and bath bubbles. Same bottle, two months deep..... and I've only used about 2 inches of it, and that one big bottle! Not sure how many ounces used that is but I bet I've only used 10% of the bottle! It goes a very long way and leaves you feeling squeaky clean. Not to mention the great affects the lavender has on Ireland before bedtime. The essence of lavender is enough to relax and make this mama happy, fo eva, seriously, girlfriend loves her some lavender! Did you know they even make a baby Bronner's?!?  You can bet I'll be adding that to our orders for next month in preparation for baby Gardner #2,!!!

Do I even need to dive back into my GMO rant to make ya'll understand how happy that little butterfly up there makes me?!? Okay good, didn't think so.....

And I bet ya'll never thought that even your shampoos, conditioners, household cleaners, face washes, lotions, etc, all most likely have GMOs...

Kinda freaky huh? The general judgement on GMOs is that roughly 85-95% of our grocery store shelves are GMO. Yikes! That's enough to make me wanna pack up my family, move to the woods, and rough it! But before you catch me running around the Three Sisters Wilderness in a loin cloth and bunch of lavender in hand, I'll just take some Dr. Bronner's! Its organic, non-GMO, smells great, lasts forever, and you can use it all over your home. What more could a hippy homesteader like me ask for?

Recently I found some recipes for a homemade shampoo and a laundry soap that both call for castile soap. You can bet I'll be giving that a whirl in April! 

Cleaning with Castile.