Saturday, February 14, 2015


Every morning I am awaken my the sound of Ireland's little feet walking across the hall and into our room. Without fail she wakes up, comes in, and the three of us enjoy a good ole family snuggle. She talks to us about oh so many things, some of which we understand, and some that we don't. I simply can't get enough of her little antics and adorable voice.

Ok, ok maybe I am a little biased. But heck, we made a beautiful kid! Nothing wrong with a proud parent...

And this guy?!

Never could a woman ask for a more supportive partner. Not to mention the fit of his arms wrapped around me. Ah swoon! Ok, enough enough! The best parts about Spencer are the ones I'm still learning about everyday, we've known each other a decade and he still surprises me, he continues to grow as a man and a partner, and yet he's still the best friend I had as a teenager. Among these, watching him become a father has only made me love him more, and boy does Ireland lover her daddy. Nothing is more attractive than a good man whose an even greater father. 

And the best part? I get to call them my mine.

Happy Valentines Day!

Covering everything in chocolate,