Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I am not perfect.

Seriously though I am not perfect. I would love to go on and on about how I always rise with the sun and have breakfast on the table on time..... but I so don't...Sometimes I sleep in just a few extra minutes, and sometimes breakfast is coffee.

Except in the case of my little Emerald, she usually asks for fresh laid eggs for breakfast! Usually accompanied by a bit of yogurt and an appearance by a ripened avocado... My little princess is one thing I can say her dad and I did do perfectly. And such a great eater to!

I was saying.... Right I am not perfect. Though this lifestyle maybe perfect for us, we don't bother with the stress of perfection. Sometimes I get up with the sun and have everyone fed, watered, and have breakfast begun all on time..... And sometimes I don't get out to the coop early enough (Or like a logical person, check the forecast and expect negative temps), sometimes my eggs freeze. In a tizzy of frozen hoses, buried stock tanks, and subzero temps, I recall my resolution. My resolve to not be afraid, not be so hard on myself, and to let it flow a little more this year, all will come in due time. So I took a breathe and muttered a phrase my mother ingrained in me years ago, "this to will pass" and as I picked myself up by my bootstraps I felt renewed as I went about bucket after bucket to fill my hens water.

I have confidence that all will work out. I am confident that we will get the pen for the pigs set up before the pigs arrive :/ yeesh, I am confident that I can find a boarder to move in a new horse to outweigh the cost of on boarder were losing this month, I am confident that we will find one day of unfrozen ground to put up that section of fence we put off too long, and I know we will get around to building chicken tractors for the meat chickens that will show up mid March. The list goes on and on, one reason that homestead lifestyle is not for the fainthearted. There will always be one more task, one more job, one more repair. Granted at times I have wanted to just breakdown and cry. But its the life we chose and would always chose it. And those times I want to cry are times to learn and grow and prevent whatever catastrophe it was from repeating. If I'm learning a new lesson or skill everyday then I'm fulfilling the dream I set out to!

And that is all I can ask for :D stay warm out there!!!

Thawing my hose in my kitchen